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Lilla Varese dancing to "Tamra Henna"

Lilla Varese dancing improvisationally to the classic Egyptian tune "Tamra Henna" at Cairo Caravan on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. 

"Ana Fi Intizarak" - Market at the Casbah 2011

Lilla Varese performing improvisational belly dance to the classic "Ana Fi Intizarak" at Market at the Casbah in Fullerton, CA, April 2011. 

Lilla Varese April 2008

Lilla Varese at Market at the Casbah's 10th Anniversary Gala show, April 2008. 

Lilla Varese - "Zey El Hawa"

Lilla Varese on IAMED's "Bellydance Sensations" DVD, 2005. By the way, the famous Farida Fahmy was sitting in the front row at this show. Was I a little nervous? Of course! 

Lilla Varese and students dancing to"Wana Mally" and "Sidi Mansour"

Choreographies to "Wana Mally" and "Sidi Mansour Drum"  by Lilla Varese. "Wana Mally" danced with students Janelle Bel Isle and Serena Healey. At the Little Egypt show in Los Angeles, 2006. 

Lilla Varese Dance Company - "Zeina's Dream" at Belly Dance Live

This piece was choreographed by Lilla Varese and performed in IAMED's "Bellydance Live" at the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood in 2005. 

Lilla Varese-Bellydance c.2002, part 1

 Lilla Varese in a 2002 video by Corjean Morrisette, dancing to "Nagwa", American/Arabic Nightclub style  

Lilla Varese - Bellydance c.2002, part 2

Lilla Varese - Bellydance c.2002, part 2

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