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Belly Dance Classes Starting June 4th, 2019 with Meera and Lilla

Don’t miss this opportunity to take classes locally with international dance star Meera Varma! This class series is being presented as a collaboration that Meera and Lilla have been discussing for some time out of their mutual desire to share the pure joy of dance with others through classes which focus on exploring the flow of movement and expression of dance for total wellbeing – physical, mental and spiritual. The June class focus is on belly dance technique and choreography. Students will learn two unique choreographies from Meera and Lilla, and a performance opportunity is being organized for August, date to be determined.

Meera and Lilla began collaborating several years ago after discussing their interest in exploring dance fusion concepts outside the boundaries of their professional dance careers. As a part of their dance project, they created an experimental choreography blending elements of Indian, Arabic, Modern, Tribal and Hip-Hop movements in their own interpretation of a musical piece by electronic music producer Savant, which they presented in front of a live audience in July 2015. The purpose of this collaboration was not about the result, but about the process. Maintaining a sense of exploration and creativity in dance is the philosophy that draws them together. With this class series, Meera and Lilla are continuing to collaboratively manifest their dance visions


About Meera Varma: The daughter of a Classical Indian Tabla player and an Indian Oriental dancer, Meera Varma has entertained and captivated audiences internationally since childhood, reaching six continents, and has performed for dignitaries and royalty worldwide. Meera has toured extensively both as a solo artist, and as a Principal Dancer and Choreographer of Miles Copeland’s world-renowned dance company “Bellydance Superstars”. Meera has taught at the prestigious “Ahlan Wa Sahlan” festival in Cairo, Egypt for over 10 years. Meera has also produced and released four fitness-inspired Instructional DVD’s of Bellydance and Dances of India.

Meera’s dance style is inspired by elements of Egyptian and Cabaret belly dancing, with the natural essence of her East Indian heredity and technique flowing through each performance. Focusing on various dances of India, bellydance, and Bollywood dance, Meera has created her distinctive “InFusion” style by harmoniously blending these styles together, while still honoring the technique and aesthetics from deeply rooted traditions of Classical and Folk Dances of India.

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Disclaimer: although Meera and Lilla are co-teaching this class, if circumstances lead to either Meera or Lilla being unable to make it to any dates in the session, the other teacher will teach those classes solo. Meera and Lilla also reserve the right to send a comparable, competent substitute teacher in the event that both of them are somehow unexpectedly unavailable for any of these class dates.

Questions? Contact Lilla at


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