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Lilla enjoys teaching belly dance to beginning through advanced level students. Her group classes focus on classical Egyptian style, and she also offers occasional workshops as well as private coaching in other dance styles. Classes for beginners focus on basic steps and movements, technique, isolations, transitions and simple choreographies. Intermediate classes and beyond further emphasize improvisational skills, expressiveness, choreography, staging, costuming and performance, and may involve learning to play various rhythms with finger cymbals.

In her classes, Lilla strives to create a fun, high-energy atmosphere as well as providing education in Middle Eastern dance history and culture, current issues and developments in Middle Eastern dance, and cultivation of respect and reverence for the dance form. Lilla holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and sees dance as a healing, transformational art, which she conveys to students not through words, but experientially.

Lilla hosts showcases several times a year in Newport Beach in which intermediate to advanced level students can participate and practice their performance skills, as well as see performances by some of the most exciting professional Middle Eastern dance artists in Southern California today. Lilla also offers private coaching for performing dancers.

Group classes for Level 1 and Level 2 students in six-week sessions start at various times throughout the year in Newport Beach, California. To view upcoming class schedules and further details, click here. Lilla also teaches ongoing Level 1 and Level 2 classes on Saturday mornings at Atomic Ballroom in Irvine, California. Enrollment in the Irvine classes is through Atomic Ballroom.

Lilla is also available for customized workshops at your location, or can teach a belly dance lesson for you and your guests at your party or special event. Contact Lilla for details.

In person classes are currently on sabbatical due to COVID-19. Online private lessons are available. Please inquire for scheduling and pricing!

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What should I wear? Class attire should be comfortable, allow freedom of movement and allow you to see your movements in the mirror. Footwear can be soft-soled dance shoes or dance sandals, socks or bare feet. We recommend bringing a water bottle to class.

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