About Lilla

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Lilla's love of Middle Eastern dance, along with her lifelong dance training and smattering of Arabic ancestry combine to make her an authentic, refined Oriental dancer. Lilla's modern Egyptian style is elegant and fluid. Her stage presence is charismatic, joyful and inspired. Her belly dance classes are energetic and uplifting. 


 Lilla Varese has been dancing and performing since the age of five, but began to devote all of her energy to Middle Eastern dance starting in 1992, when she began dancing with the Neri Senti Dance and Magic Troupe. While continuing to perform with the Neri Senti all over California, Lilla began intensive study with some of Southern California's most world-renowned instructors along with international luminaries of the dance, striving to develop and perfect her personal style as an Oriental dancer. In 1993 Lilla began to perform regularly with the award winning Angelika Nemeth Dance Ensemble, and in 1996 became a member of Sahra Kent's Ya Amar dance company. Starting in 1994 Lilla began to perform solo regularly, appearing in venues such as Hassan's Lebanese Café, Marrakesh, Newport Beach, Darya in Orange, and the Aegean Cafe in Laguna Beach. Lilla was a principal dancer at the Caspian Persian Restaurant in Irvine from 1995 to 2004. 

 Lilla has performed in numerous dance concerts, festivals, and special events throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties, ranging from Middle Eastern cultural events to a wrap party for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In 2004 Lilla appeared in the live show and DVD “Belly Dance Rocks”, filmed at the West Valley Playhouse in Los Angeles. Later Lilla appeared in the show and DVD “Belly Dance Live” with her nine member Lilla Varese Dance Company, filmed at the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood. Lilla can also be seen along with many other talented dance artists on the DVDs “Bellydance Sensations” and “Belly Dance O’Rama”,

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While Lilla’s specialty is Classical Egyptian style, she is also well-versed a variety of other dance styles including Egyptian folkloric, Persian, and Turkish, as well as some training in flamenco and classical Indian dance. Her breadth of experience makes her an eclectic, versatile and polished performer. Lilla often performs with finger cymbals as well as a variety of props including veil, cane, and Isis wings. Lilla’s other talents include costume design and writing. Lilla has written articles on dance for Jareeda, Habibi magazine, and others.